Little Berong Girl

Little Berong Girl

Photo of a little girl in Berong, Quezon, Palawan, Philippines with her umbrella. Berong is a barangay, where most residents are indigenous peoples (IPs) referred to as Pala’wans.

The Pala’wan, also known as Palawano (or Palawan, depending on sub-dialect) or Palawano (only by outsiders), is one of the unique indigenous peoples of Palawan. They are part of the large Manobo-based linguistic groups of southern Philippines. They traditionally hunt using soars and bamboo blowguns. (from

I’m blogging again after taking down the last one also here at  🙂 I’ve actually decided against blogging again, but the photos I have — they’re very inspiring; and I want to showcase the beauty of Puerto Princesa and Palawan.

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