Of Telenovelas & Other Demons

Of Telenovelas & Other Demons

It can’t get any better than this. The Gypsy’s Lair’s refreshing pandan iced tea.

I wish that I am at The Gypsy’s Lair tonight just to relax, to cool myself with a tall glass of pandan iced tea, and to be comforted by that mean quesadilla plate, oozing with cheese and whatever’s there to awaken my nerves.

I didn’t do anything much today — just watched tv, and tv, and more tv… and bed, and bed, and more bed. Involuntary muscle contraction, which often hides in the identity of the word “cramps,” can beat the s**t out of me sometimes. To say “Whatta life!” is an understatement.

Juan Tamad was on television too, and I watched it; I’ve been following  it a lot lately because I sincerely like Coco Martin 🙂 In fact, I’m going to collapse if I see him, and I don’t care how cheesy that is or what people (or friends) will say. Same case with Gerard Butler and Hugh Jackman — if I see them in person, I hope I do not fall flat right in front of them.

After Coco’s adventure-telenovela, of course, there’s Ina, Kapatid, Anak. Somebody asked me a few days ago if I have seen it. I don’t remember answering.

For the life of me, I watched it one time but never repeated because I am forever disgusted (no offense meant to others watching it) by the plot of the story: missing children/siblings and it beats me why they sell like street food to anyone.


I just thought… enough of those emo telenovelas. I’ll stick to Goin’ Bulilit.


Hibiscus Garden Inn

Hibiscus Garden Inn

Romantic and easy living at Hibiscus Garden Pension while on vacation in Puerto Princesa City.

Quietly tucked in the interior of Manalo Street in Puerto Princesa City, the Hibiscus Garden Inn presents guests with a lush garden that leads to beautiful room accommodations made of light materials, and a quaint restaurant that serves mostly European dishes.

I’ve been going to the place a lot lately, but two weeks ago was the only time I went with my camera to be able to take photos. I must have taken more than a handful of images however, this is only one of the few I really like. I should go back and take some more.

The pathway in between large pots of plants goes to the restaurant, where I heard, delicious pizzas are served. I’ve never tried because I thought they’re exclusively for the guests, but I was told it’s okay once in a while to hangout.