High Dynamic Day

High Dynamic Day

I really do not have to go very far just to capture a beautiful view like this. This photo was taken at Bakers’ Hills, Puerto Princesa City one early weekend morning.

I thought the scene looked good with the sun rising beautifully behind those trees. Fantastic morning!


Ham and Apple Sandwich

Ham and Apple Sandwich

I found this delicious sandwich at Hotel Centro when I was invited to shoot some of the food it offers in its menu. With ham and slices of crunchy apple, this sandwich has a combined taste of saltiness and sweetness that explodes in the mouth.

Biting has never been this pleasurable!


Balayong Festival

Balayong Festival

March 4 is the day my city celebrates its foundation anniversary and nine-year Balayong Festival. Balayong is the Palawan Cherry Blossom, a tree that has white-pinkish flower and looks so pretty when in bloom.

This photo of the street dancers garbed in colorful costumes is just some of the many I took that I particularly like. The rest, they’re forgettable.

I wasn’t in the mood to shoot… sigh!


Something Hanging, Something Nice…

Something Hanging, Something Nice

I took this bokeh photo of a spider’s web in my mother’s garden while I was looking for its resident to macro. When it came out of my camera, I thought I should just delete it because there’s really nothing to it.

But the bokeh looked nice so I changed my mind. This photo reminds me a lot about people, or friends. Sometimes, people, or friends are quick to judge others; to disregard those with flaws. It becomes too late for them to realize that the ones they are taking for granted are actually those who are beautiful.


BEFORE I WENT to try other photography genre, I only know photojournalism. I’m a journalist by profession; naturally, it comes with the trade

A few of the photos I took before when I was still a stringer for Agence France Presse (AFP) were published in known newspapers abroad, and got paid. The payments and the chance to see my photos on the sheets of these newspapers (I was sent copies, of course!) were enough to get me to stay in photojournalism for a good number of years.

My dad, Toying R. Formoso, and I at this restaurant in Sta. Monica. This was the las time we saw him smiling fully like that.

My dad, Toying R. Formoso, and I at this restaurant in Sta. Monica. This was the last time we saw him smiling fully like that. We miss him everyday… a lot!

However, sometime in 2010, after the elections and after we learned that dad has autoimmune hemolytic anemia and eventually, cancer of the lymph nodes, I discovered that there is more to photography than the photojournalism I only know.

Photography, and trying its other genre, gave me the comfort I needed from the worry of my dad’s ailment. Whenever he’s on chemotherapy, I’d explore and explore around the area where his hospital is located, using the DSLR I bought second hand.

That was how it went… that’s how it all started for me. Since then, I have been taking lots and lots of photos… except photos of my dad… because I just could not. Because I always wanted him to stay fresh in my memory… without ailment, and always smiling, always kidding around with us.