Birds Of A Feather…

Birds Of A Feather...

A pale spiderhunter prepares to cool off in the bird bath.

I love birds, no doubt about it. But tonight, there’s that noisy one again… it’s been two weeks. I know what it is, and it’s been hard to catch with my lens… it’s… my goodness… I wish it flies away. It’s past 2 a.m., and sleep is nowhere in sight.

Anyway, the bird in this photo is a Philippine endemic Palawan restricted pale spiderhunter that’s on every birder’s “top birding list” after being separated  from the group of little spiderhunters. The pale spiderhunter, avian experts say, is “of a different species” since “it behaves like a sunbird, but bigger.”

While to some it is hard to find, to me, it only needs a visit to Cynthia Sumagaysay del Rosario’s home somewhere in Sta. Monica. It’s not really that hard to get up close and personal with this bird because everyday, it lands on the bird baths that she has in her home beautiful home.

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