Quiapo Photowalk I

Street Photography

Pardon the continuous uploading, everyone 🙂 I wanted to do this a couple of weeks ago, unfortunately, the time required didn’t get to be mine. Today, Friday, is my free day so here’s what I did when I was away — street photography too!

Of all photography styles, this is the most difficult for me to understand. It looks easy to do, but not quite.

Always, there seems to be more in it than one can readily understand and grasp… well, even if she has over a hundred photos that seem to be “street photography.”

Most of my influences, I must say, follow very old customs and beliefs when it comes to taking street photos — no cropping, no heavy editing, no watermark, no description when posting or sharing. “No” a lot of things.

Of course, those are the rather technical aspects. The principles of street photography are much harder to understand and learn though they, well… and again… seems to be easy.

From a friend whose into this genre, I asked if this photo is street photography or SP. She said “yes,” and it’s called “LAYERING.” Layering as an SP parlance is when one succeeds in getting several “subjects or scenes located on different planes inside the frame”

According to my Google-ing, the technique is when the street photographer basically has something in “the front, middle, and back of the image filling the entire field.”

Still, that is just one explanation. There’s more discussion about layering, it’s soooo hard in the head. I’d rather be hit by flu than suffer from mental trouble if I continue on the web.

Easy to understand, hard to do, right! It’s a rat race out there whenever; finding the scenes/subjects so far is a question of ability for me and patience for that “decisive moment,” not the camera I use, or the fact that I am free to really just document anything I want. It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack. Whadda!

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