Bring Me Back to the Oasis

I wish someone would take me back to the Oasis to just chill and not think about anything because I’m tired and so totally out of sleep.

I just want to be back there… to have something tall and cool in my hand… while I look at the clouds and wait for a few hours until sunset.


Oasis Villa at 1/250 sec at F14 // 10mm // ISO 100 // handheld // without flash, using my Canon EOS 7D. This is straight out of the camera.

I want to be at the Oasis, where the sky is close enough to offer the physical ease and freedom from all sorts of pain I need right now.

Sometimes, life is so unfair in what it gives; in what challenges it freely hands over to you to possess. Then it mocks you. It belittles your capacity to think and resolve, and it takes you down in the muck.


Inside looking out at Oasis Villa in Barangay San Rafael, Puerto Princesa City. I’d pay just to be there again right now… right this instant!

I miss my dad. He would have loved to be at the Oasis with my mom for sure.