Foodie Trippin’

I’ve been doing a lot of food photography lately for some friends in my city to promote their businesses. That’s kind of cool since it helps advertise what I do 🙂 Ok “advertise” is not a term I really wanted to use — it’s like I’m peddling something, and I’m not.

I just do this for special friends 😉


DJ Kool Loca’s slushes available at Robinson’s Place-Palawan. Love the yellow one, it’s lemonade. Tall one is Red Iced Tea, it’s also cool. All these three are cool!


Something smells like good coffee at Hotel Centro, Puerto Princesa.


Green Mango with Bagoong, or shrimped paste sauteed in garlic, onion and tomato at Dang Maria’s during my goddaughter Georj’s christening. The place is not open like a resto, but it accepts special events for small groups. Dang Maria’s is located in Barangay Bancao-Bancao, Puerto Princesa City.

The first photo already has my newly-made watermark. The two ones still have the old one. Anyhow, those are just some of my food trippin’ lately.

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