Sexy and I Know It!

A friend from Singapore arrived back in the country last April and invited me to do a sexy shoot (popularly called boudoir too) with him and another friend. Of course, as a greenhorn I was excited  🙂  though I really don’t know what to do, or if there’s a set of ethics photographers follow that I should too.

But it happened without any glitch, thank goodness! I was thankful Bruce and Carlo made me feel comfortable, as well as An Gelly, who’s so game and so professional as a model. Bruce brought lights all the way from Singapore, which was way cool. He also had with him remote triggers for Carlo and I to use so it’ll be easy for us.

Below are some photos from that sexy shoot in my own room at Stone House Hotel 🙂 Ahlav-eehhtt! There is one photo here that I have already posted earlier. That’s the photo of a sexy leg coming out of the closet — it’s part of this shoot.