Strokes of Serendipity

If these photos do not qualify as street photography, then I’ll just call them “strokes of serendipity.” Serendipity because they’re in front of my camera, and they’re agreeable situations I didn’t seek but found interesting.

The worst thing they’d be called is “POVERTY PORN” since a street photographer is not supposed to take photos anymore of  people (or scene) in dire situations.


I was unable to imagine my reaction when somebody described my street photo “poverty porn” in one of the SP group sites on Facebook 🙂 I thought “Wot?”

And I thought “poverty porn,” according to Journalists for Human Rights, is “documentation of poverty for profit” since images can convey “powerful messages and can engage” people “deeply and personally, especially in vulnerable moments.” Iba pala?

Even if you’re not peddling your photo to make profit, it can be labeled “poverty porn?” But hey, that’s from a human rights journalist’s point of view.


Tutti Fruit-ti Lady

Tutti Fruitti Lady

Sharing my latest HDR work. This photo was taken at Quiapo, Manila during a photo walk with some friends last week of April.

For this photo, my setting was 1/40 sec at F5.6 with a focal length of 18mm at ISO 100. With the aperture I used, I thought I’m going to have a background with a depth of field.

I’m so glad it has none 🙂 Or if it has, it’s not that noticeable at all. HDR masters said a good photo for HDR should not have a depth of field so when tonal contrast is applied, details would pop out nicely.