Little Tutu Angels :-)


When a friend invited me to a photo session with the kids who attend her ballet lessons, I immediately said yes because I love kids, especially when they’re doing everything cute for me to adore them.

At Talah-Tales last Sunday afternoon, it was like all hell broke loose with little girls in endearing tutu dresses running here and there and screaming so loud.

I laughed because I know two of the girls: Celine, the daughter of my friend Vicky, who works at the Palawan Electric Cooperative; and Jade, my goddaughter by Clyde and Dacs, who’s grown so pretty.

Jade was in a violet-fuchsia pink tutu, while Celine was in a spritely white one — both look so, so, so pretty — I just can’t help smiling at their amusing behaviors — they melt me 🙂

Here’s what I did with their photos. There’s a third pretty girl; too bad, I miss her name.

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