After the Rain…

I miss my dad a lot… especially today.

I dedicate all these photos to him… photos I’ve taken just outside the house after a lonely rain.

Except for the floods it gives, we really need to give rain proper credit for watering our crops; taking part in washing off dirt anywhere; bringing down pollution from the air; it’s free air conditioning; it’s a major water component; it brings suitable conditions for many kinds of ecosystem…

And it masks tears and soaks them away.

Food Porn: Skybox’s Delicious Offers

I am really bad at names… even names of food… so pardon what are missing 😦

One good thing about blogging is that if you’ve forgotten something, you can always go back and edit; write what you have in mind to say already and then hit update. That’s what I exactly did.

Cheers to delicious meals!

Angel Moon

It’s good vibes this morning 🙂 because my digitally-manipulated photo entry was picked as one of the recipients of the Editor’s Award at Photo One

It’s so difficult to nail the award for Photo of the Day (where a photo gets to be the cover of at its FB site), but I am positive that one of these days, I’m gonna take that hammer and ram the nail in.


My model here is Diana Sunshine Rademann. She’s a former beauty queen, and a pretty one at that. What I did was I lifted her photo out of the one I took at Marina de Bay and manipulated it on another photo from DeviantArt. For the moon effect, I used a Photoshop brush that’s given free online.

Beautiful Women Addiction


Pardon for posting more portraits and model shoot photos 🙂 I just have a lot lately, and I’m also basically learning more editing techniques and applying them on those that I like. This is still part of my lifelong commitment to be always on the LEARNING MODE.

It’s the rainy season already in the Philippines; we’ve just had a typhoon buzzed us by so it’ll take a long time again to go out  and find a model who would give free services so we can shoot her in a good location.

One of my models, Cynthia Sumagaysay-Del Rosario, is a woman of so many lovely characteristics. She’s a former beauty queen, she’s very talented, she’s a whole lot more, I may not give her justice by only mentioning a few. One thing I truly love about Cynthia is her natural tendency to provide support to little things her friends love to do.

Her support for my love for photography is so immense that sometimes, I am so overwhelmed, I don’t know whether to cry or just be plain happy 🙂 I love the fact that she’s so accommodating, so rich in her ability to provide support to whatever she sees that need her.

Isn’t it nice to have a friend like that?

Only recently, she opened her home to kids living nearby as a library called “The Book Bridge.” The idea is for her to help bridge the gap in the reading skills of children these days. She has friends from all over donate books to her library so the children can read during their free time, and expand their knowledge horizons.

I sort of helped name her project, and since then, it’s been doing well 🙂 Wonderful! Am proud that I am part of it — a great cause.


Diana’s Wings…

Diana's Wings...

MODEL: Diana Sunshine Rademann is a beauty pageant title holder who lives in Puerto Princesa City.

I’ve successfully downloaded cute brushes that are free online, and one of them creates cool moons like this one on my photo. I love to use them, especially if I’m practicing digital manipulation.

Of course, naysayers would say unprocessed photos are more appealing because they are what are real and true. And I agree. But I also want to learn many things — and that said, I always make it a point to set myself on the learning mode each day.

It’s fun to learn; it does not stagnate a person — it makes him/her proficient. I learned digital manipulation after attending a workshop in April with Maricris Fabi. Since then, I’ve been practicing a lot 🙂 


Taquito Salad

Taquitos Salad

Taquito Salad @ Skybox Good Food, Good Times!
1/8 sec at F5.6 // 52mm // ISO 200 // Canon EOS 7D // Did not fire flash

Here’s what I had for lunch today at Skybox Good Food, Good Times — a Taquito Salad.

You’re looking at shredded organic greens topped with hand-rolled corn tortillas, savory ground beef, tomato salsa, cheese and garlic dressing… and showered with more cheese!

Can’t ask for more on a busy Monday, uy!

HDR Here, There ‘n Everywhere


Posting here six of my latest high dynamic range works to pass the time and to sort of bust the horrible feeling that’s been polishing me off since I went home from a super wonderful model shoot before lunch time.

Talk about groovelers… uy!

Sometimes, I just really want to ignore my Facebook because I cannot stand the insincerity of “status posts” I read from certain people — most of them, unfortunately, sycophants.