Daylight Fades…

IN A BID TO ignore that I have flu and to bust away the pressure of everything mundane and extraordinary, I went out late afternoon today to join my friend Van in a photo shoot in Barangay San Jose.

I had earlier begged off to actually join because aside from feeling below par, my mom too, doesn’t have any company since both OF THEM (our two hired girls) decided to request to go home to their families for the whole day.

The shoot was supposed to happen at 3 p.m., but it rained so we had to wait for a bit of light to show up. When it did, it only lingered for an hour — before daylight fades. Our models also took long having their make ups done because the one who did it… well, he perhaps thought the shoot would be next year so he took his pretty luxurious time.


Talk about mediocrity, right? I also feel nasty towards the MUA (make up artist) because he apparently doesn’t know the word “COLLABORATION,” which means his make up should be free in exchange of us promoting his services.

My goodness, he’s trying to collect P2,850.00 for a lousy job. Thank God, photos can already be edited today. What’s wrong can be made right. All three of them — and we all agreed — have heavy make ups, which we do not really need for the mood we wanted to shoot.

He’s a very expensive mediocrity.

Anyhow, here’s the result of the photo shoot. I like the location where we did it as it was quiet, plus the effects of the tall grasses and the sun coming down were superb!

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