Rural Scenes


Except for one, which is that of three boys having fun in the river (thanks, Arnold Alcala, for the raw file!), the rest of the photos were taken during my last trip to Southern Palawan. All of them are my own shots of rural scenes, turned to have painting-like effects, or Amorsoloesque.

I love the effect of Amorsoloesque, particularly on rural scenes.

Rain, Rain, Go Away…

THERE’S STILL A lot of rain going on outside, and I am here just sitting in front of my desktop not knowing what to do first. I’ve read all the news at,,, and yet, there is nothing coming in. I have a long list of THINGS TO DO and I don’t even know where it came from or what brought it about.

All I know is that I just got back from Bataraza, and my trip there was really something I would not forget. Venice and the girls who came with me and manang Jane were hilarious the whole time.

Here’s some of the photos from that trip; they’re all straight out of the camera 🙂


I started today by reading a personal essay on passion written by a very smart and bright teen. The funny thing is, I have never met this teen, only her father who is the kindest man.

One fact I like about the essay was the mention of Nancy Drew, an illusory character in a series of mystery fiction books that I also read when I was growing up. The fictional character is considered a cultural icon for her contributions to the formative years of many women, including mine 🙂

It’s nice to reminisce…

Once Upon a Time in Hong Kong

They said that if you’ve gone to Hong Kong, you’ve already visited the People’s Republic of China because it is one of its two Special Administrative Regions. The other one is Macau, just about 2 hours away.

Yes, well… close enough. But it’s still not China for me 🙂

One of the most densely populated areas in the world, Hong Kong also never sleeps — the fragrant harbor is always ready to welcome anyone at whatever time of day.

Here, I’m sharing some of the photos I took there during my last visit.

A Gold Creativity Surprise!

It’s a lazy Monday morning, but I am happy to know that one of the two photos I submitted to the Creative Photography Challenges on Facebook won a gold award in the Architecture Category. That’s good vibes for me!

This week is assured of my good mood 🙂

Gold Award

Creative Photography Challenges - Architectural Shortlist

There are dozens of photography challenges available online on Facebook; I can’t get my hands on all of them even if I want to coz they’d ravage my whole day. There’s just too many!

But I am happy that in the few I joined, I’d make it to the shortlist and receive awards 🙂 To make it to the shortlist and be considered is good enough for me; to win awards is a bonus.

In the past, I shun joining photography challenges as I thought doing that would be behaving against the principles of being fair and reasonable among us photographers — amateurs or professionals — since we all know we’re doing our best to hone our passion and get good photos. And whatever people’s opinions are about our images, what would really matter is what we think of them first.

Eeehh? 😀 Whatever.

But there is a photographer friend who told me too, that I shouldn’t think of photo challenges that way. That joining is having the confidence that your images are at par with the others, sometimes even better 😉

If you conquer, you reinforce your love for the art and you continue to strive to take better images. Btw, this photo was taken in Macau at the Fisherman’s Wharf during a travel early last year.

Disfigured “Figured Out”

I know last night that I got today figured out. But “figured out” got disfigured; thanks and cheers to oversleeping like I don’t know what hit me. Perhaps it was receiving the good news that my senatorship had been approved by the JCI Senate Philippines… hmmm.

The hangover still lingers where that one is concerned. Anyway, I’m just grateful 🙂 Being a JCI Senator will open a new chapter in my life; I’m already excited to know what’s in it for me, or if I would be able to touch other people’s lives by what I will bring into the chapter (JCI Senate Palawan).

“Service to humanity is the best work of life” remains to be my favorite line in the JCI Creed. And I know for sure that wherever life decides to take me, it will be with me.


My share today is not my photo. This temple in Cambodia was shot by my friend Lolit Whorlow, who is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She recently went on a trip there, and took this image from outside the temple. My contribution to it is to turn it into high dynmic range  🙂

Cambodia is on my bucket… eheste, small pail list. Maybe next year, I’d be saying a little prayer in this temple.

A Quick Departure Called Bataraza…

I just opened a page on Facebook but I’m wondering why…

I have not published it because I’m still thinking if I really need a page. And yet, and yet… I’ve started filling it with my photos, and so far, I like what I see. I’ll keep it handy for whatever; maybe I would need it someday.


Last month, I went on a quick departure to a mining town in southern Palawan called Bataraza with some good friends: manang Jane Timbancaya-Urbanek, manong Caloy Fernandez, Dr. Oscar Evangelista, Debra Pritchard, Mike Doblado, Marcus Swanopoel, and my sorority sister Bing de Guzman.

I was happy to make the trip; the place is surprisingly refreshing despite the mining operation that is going on, and the friends I was with were all game about a lot of topics.

Definitely Sleepy… But…

I’m definitely sleepy… but I’m still trying to decide between dreamland and waiting for daylight. I feel unsteady; everything’s still spinning since 10 p.m. yesterday.

And that s**ks… Yesterday (coz it’s 1:53 a.m. already, July 14) was not right.

Blue Hour

Puerto Princesa Bay Walk

Anyway, it’s Thursday. Throwback Thursday as they call it on Facebook so, I am sharing this Blue Hour photo from 2012. I want to share a photo of myself taken a long time ago, but I can’t find any. This will do for now.

Bird Silhouette

I also wish to share this silhouette photo of an Asia Glossy Starling a friend and I found on a dried branch while we were “birding” a long time ago. This is one of my favorite photos from 2012.