Merry Christmas!


This is the second Christmas we’ll be spending without my father, who passed away October last year. We miss him a lot, and the little traditions we made with him about this special day when we were kids.

My dad’s ultimate Christmas dish was arroz caldo. (congee or rice porridge) with lots of local lemon (calamansi), fried garlic, boiled eggs, and pepper. It’s a meal on its own, and it’s the major thing on our Noche Buena list every Christmas when he was still with us.

Today, I had my sister cook it. I couldn’t bring myself to do it because I miss him a lot, and though I know he’s happy where he is right now, I still feel sad.

But like what he also told us, he’ll be happy where he is if we’re also happy 🙂

Before the clock strikes 12, let me wish you all A JOYOUS CHRISTMAS! May all the blessings of this Yuletide Season be upon yours and your family 🙂 Have a great celebration!