4 Photos, 1 PPUR

Sharing 4 photos I edited to HDR from the Puerto Princesa Underground River. I miss the place; it’s just an hour away, but I still couldn’t get my bu** to go there these days.


HDR Versions

I’m lagging behind badly doing this photo blog, I know…

It was just really super busy for me the past few days . I was swamped with work, photography, responsibilities at home, my local organization — it’s cruel, but I will live 🙂

Anyway, I shared a raw file for my friends at the Philippine HDR Photographers to play with just a few days ago; they all did very good versions. Here they are 🙂 and here’s the link too, to our group site https://www.facebook.com/groups/thephilippineHDRphotographers/

My own version is in there somewhere 🙂

Disfigured “Figured Out”

I know last night that I got today figured out. But “figured out” got disfigured; thanks and cheers to oversleeping like I don’t know what hit me. Perhaps it was receiving the good news that my senatorship had been approved by the JCI Senate Philippines… hmmm.

The hangover still lingers where that one is concerned. Anyway, I’m just grateful 🙂 Being a JCI Senator will open a new chapter in my life; I’m already excited to know what’s in it for me, or if I would be able to touch other people’s lives by what I will bring into the chapter (JCI Senate Palawan).

“Service to humanity is the best work of life” remains to be my favorite line in the JCI Creed. And I know for sure that wherever life decides to take me, it will be with me.


My share today is not my photo. This temple in Cambodia was shot by my friend Lolit Whorlow, who is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She recently went on a trip there, and took this image from outside the temple. My contribution to it is to turn it into high dynmic range  🙂

Cambodia is on my bucket… eheste, small pail list. Maybe next year, I’d be saying a little prayer in this temple.

HDR Here, There ‘n Everywhere


Posting here six of my latest high dynamic range works to pass the time and to sort of bust the horrible feeling that’s been polishing me off since I went home from a super wonderful model shoot before lunch time.

Talk about groovelers… uy!

Sometimes, I just really want to ignore my Facebook because I cannot stand the insincerity of “status posts” I read from certain people — most of them, unfortunately, sycophants.




CAMERA SETTING: 1/10 sec at F14 // 10mm // ISO 640 // Did not fire flash // taken on June 6, 2013 — an old tree nursery in Rio Tuba, Bataraza

The original copy of the photo above taken at Rio Tuba, Bataraza.

The original copy of the photo above taken at Rio Tuba, Bataraza.


URBEX or urban exploration in photography is thought of as the discovery of abandoned man-made structures or ruins, such as broken-down buildings, or nooks and crannies of any structure that is on its last legs.

To shutterbugs who love processing their photos into high dynamic range (HDR), URBEX is interesting because of the details they present — and of course, the adrenalin rush (probably!) that comes along with the risk of exploring what is unknown to many.

From my Bataraza travel, I’m trying URBEX with the photo above… but my brother John said it’s more Rur-Ex (rural exploration) since the scene was shot in a rural town 🙂 I kind of like how that reads… or sounds!

Bataraza is a first class municipality in southern Palawan but is still is beautifully rural in a lot of things despite the presence of the Rio Tuba Nickel Mining Corporation and Coral Bay Nickel Corporation.

The photo above is that of an old tree nursery. When the nursery was transferred to a new location, it just became a storage for wheelbarrows and other hand-propelled vehicles, also “abono” or fertilizers for the seedlings, and seedlings that failed to grow due to some factors.

3 HDR-iffics by Garry Encarnacion


My good photographer friend Garry Encarnacion (a.k.a. Bruce Waynee on Facebook) and I did a collaborative work tonight on three photos: I took them, he edited them into high dynamic range. One of the photos, a back hoe parked somewhere in Sta. Cruz, was a bit of a challenge.

I tried editing it three times but unfortunately failed. I thought I’d give it up. But check out how he processed it to stress the details — really bad ass!!!

For more of his works, visit https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.253076094734723.57408.100000970048642&type=1