Macro Photography

If you’re a photographer, and you have a lens that can take macro shots, then Cameron Highlands is one of the best destinations to go and lose yourself in all things tiny in Malaysia. I bet the whole country has lots of little big wonders to shoot and document, and I’m just glad ate Lolit lent me her macro lens to be able to take a few.

Some photos here were shot at the Mossy Forest, the others at Bala’s Chalet & Restaurant, and two from ate Lolit’s own garden at Desa Park 🙂

Rain, Rain, Go Away…

THERE’S STILL A lot of rain going on outside, and I am here just sitting in front of my desktop not knowing what to do first. I’ve read all the news at,,, and yet, there is nothing coming in. I have a long list of THINGS TO DO and I don’t even know where it came from or what brought it about.

All I know is that I just got back from Bataraza, and my trip there was really something I would not forget. Venice and the girls who came with me and manang Jane were hilarious the whole time.

Here’s some of the photos from that trip; they’re all straight out of the camera 🙂

A Quick Departure Called Bataraza…

I just opened a page on Facebook but I’m wondering why…

I have not published it because I’m still thinking if I really need a page. And yet, and yet… I’ve started filling it with my photos, and so far, I like what I see. I’ll keep it handy for whatever; maybe I would need it someday.


Last month, I went on a quick departure to a mining town in southern Palawan called Bataraza with some good friends: manang Jane Timbancaya-Urbanek, manong Caloy Fernandez, Dr. Oscar Evangelista, Debra Pritchard, Mike Doblado, Marcus Swanopoel, and my sorority sister Bing de Guzman.

I was happy to make the trip; the place is surprisingly refreshing despite the mining operation that is going on, and the friends I was with were all game about a lot of topics.

After the Rain…

I miss my dad a lot… especially today.

I dedicate all these photos to him… photos I’ve taken just outside the house after a lonely rain.

Except for the floods it gives, we really need to give rain proper credit for watering our crops; taking part in washing off dirt anywhere; bringing down pollution from the air; it’s free air conditioning; it’s a major water component; it brings suitable conditions for many kinds of ecosystem…

And it masks tears and soaks them away.



Flowers from photography of long ago and present. Just sharing this with everyone, who love flowers like I do 🙂 Too bad I don’t know their names.