A Gold Creativity Surprise!

It’s a lazy Monday morning, but I am happy to know that one of the two photos I submitted to the Creative Photography Challenges on Facebook won a gold award in the Architecture Category. That’s good vibes for me!

This week is assured of my good mood 🙂

Gold Award

Creative Photography Challenges - Architectural Shortlist

There are dozens of photography challenges available online on Facebook; I can’t get my hands on all of them even if I want to coz they’d ravage my whole day. There’s just too many!

But I am happy that in the few I joined, I’d make it to the shortlist and receive awards 🙂 To make it to the shortlist and be considered is good enough for me; to win awards is a bonus.

In the past, I shun joining photography challenges as I thought doing that would be behaving against the principles of being fair and reasonable among us photographers — amateurs or professionals — since we all know we’re doing our best to hone our passion and get good photos. And whatever people’s opinions are about our images, what would really matter is what we think of them first.

Eeehh? 😀 Whatever.

But there is a photographer friend who told me too, that I shouldn’t think of photo challenges that way. That joining is having the confidence that your images are at par with the others, sometimes even better 😉

If you conquer, you reinforce your love for the art and you continue to strive to take better images. Btw, this photo was taken in Macau at the Fisherman’s Wharf during a travel early last year.