4 Photos, 1 PPUR

Sharing 4 photos I edited to HDR from the Puerto Princesa Underground River. I miss the place; it’s just an hour away, but I still couldn’t get my bu** to go there these days.


HDR Here, There ‘n Everywhere


Posting here six of my latest high dynamic range works to pass the time and to sort of bust the horrible feeling that’s been polishing me off since I went home from a super wonderful model shoot before lunch time.

Talk about groovelers… uy!

Sometimes, I just really want to ignore my Facebook because I cannot stand the insincerity of “status posts” I read from certain people — most of them, unfortunately, sycophants.

Old HDRs

Here’s sharing some of the high dynamic range (HDR) photos I edited in the past. I like to check them out once in a while to recognize the differences — see where I’ve improved and see what’s taking long behind. I’ve taken an online HDR workshop last year, and really learned from that. But I’ve learned more from some friends along the way.