Landmark Philippine Churches II

I am posting the three remaining photos of the churches I’ve recently documented with my reliable Canon camera 🙂 These are Tigbauan Church, Molo Church, and Jaro Church — all located in different areas in Iloilo province, all historical, all built a long, long time ago.

The Molo Church is one of Iloilo’s most popular landmarks. “Built in 1831, the church stands as a reminder of Iloilo’s rich history and a monument for Ilonggo artistry. The Molo exudes a blatant expression of Gothic-Renaissance architecture, the one of its kind outside Manila. The interior is a fusion of Gothic and Romanesque architectures, there is a constant alternation between the overpowering features of Gothic and the recessive characteristics of Romanesque.”

Jaro Church, or the National Shrine of Our Lady of the Candles. It is constructed of “Romanesque revival architecture,” and distinctive to it is its bell tower that is located across the street, and that it has two stairs built on the front facade so people can go up to the statue of the Our Lady of the Candles to pay their respects, or supplicate.

Tigbauan Church, on the other hand, is said to be the classic example of the Churriqueresque style, or Spanish baroque, involving many carefully arranged parts or details as seen in the main exterior entrance. I have to post the photo I took of that later.


By the way… I just want to express strongly!

I have a problem with some people who seem to be oblivious to the correct use of the exclamation point (!) whenever they send me text messages, or reply to my own.

I have at least 7 people who always end their text messages to me with the screamer (in printing world, it’s what the mark is called) though they do not really want to express anything strongly.

Unfortunately, today I had to send 3 of the 7 text messages, and their replies sort of irritated me. I ask a simple question, and I get a simple answer with a slammer like that.

Maybe it’s just me.