Harbor Square Long Exposed

Harbor Square Long Exposed

I was with my World ShutterZ Avenue co-administrators/friends from April 24-29, 2013 in Manila, and I must say it was one of the best travels I’ve made so far this year.

For someone who is literally a neophyte in photography, it is heart-warming to be surrounded by friends who are willing to share knowledge without asking for anything in return except real and genuine friendship.

Thank God, I have a lot of that 🙂

Harbor Square is located near the Cultural Center of the Philippines, bordered on one side by the Manila Yacht Club. It’s a little community of dining places so lucky to offer people who love to promenade the bay with a great view of the urban Manila skyline — well, a part of it, at least — specially at night.

I’m not a great fan of Manila at daytime, but at night, this little territory just shimmers with a soft tremulous of light that can incite the desire to do long exposure photography. No wonder it is a “postcard-worthy” location for them.

Of course, my trip to Manila would not be complete without taking my own share of why it is what it is 🙂 Here’s a long exposure shot of what’s on the other side of the Harbor Square.

My focal length in taking this long exposure was 22mm; ISO 100; Exposure 25.0 seconds at F9.0 with my Canon EOS 7D. To eliminate the blur that can make this indistinctly perceived, I used a tripod.