Sunset Interlude

Sunset Interlude

Exposure 1/60 sec at F14 // Focal Length 135mm // ISO 100 // Did not fire flash // Handheld // Canon EOS 7D

Every time I see sunset, what Mahatma Gandhi said would always come to mind: “When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in the worship of the Creator.”

It’s truly how I feel — my chest expands in worship of God, who made the beauty of the sunset possible. I always receive that feeling of uplifting renewal; that feeling of being refreshed after getting stuck in life routines that are difficult to deal with.

Sunset at Roxas Boulevard has always been different from anywhere else, and I don’t know why is that.


Harbor Square Long Exposed

Harbor Square Long Exposed

I was with my World ShutterZ Avenue co-administrators/friends from April 24-29, 2013 in Manila, and I must say it was one of the best travels I’ve made so far this year.

For someone who is literally a neophyte in photography, it is heart-warming to be surrounded by friends who are willing to share knowledge without asking for anything in return except real and genuine friendship.

Thank God, I have a lot of that 🙂

Harbor Square is located near the Cultural Center of the Philippines, bordered on one side by the Manila Yacht Club. It’s a little community of dining places so lucky to offer people who love to promenade the bay with a great view of the urban Manila skyline — well, a part of it, at least — specially at night.

I’m not a great fan of Manila at daytime, but at night, this little territory just shimmers with a soft tremulous of light that can incite the desire to do long exposure photography. No wonder it is a “postcard-worthy” location for them.

Of course, my trip to Manila would not be complete without taking my own share of why it is what it is 🙂 Here’s a long exposure shot of what’s on the other side of the Harbor Square.

My focal length in taking this long exposure was 22mm; ISO 100; Exposure 25.0 seconds at F9.0 with my Canon EOS 7D. To eliminate the blur that can make this indistinctly perceived, I used a tripod.


Something Hanging, Something Nice…

Something Hanging, Something Nice

I took this bokeh photo of a spider’s web in my mother’s garden while I was looking for its resident to macro. When it came out of my camera, I thought I should just delete it because there’s really nothing to it.

But the bokeh looked nice so I changed my mind. This photo reminds me a lot about people, or friends. Sometimes, people, or friends are quick to judge others; to disregard those with flaws. It becomes too late for them to realize that the ones they are taking for granted are actually those who are beautiful.


Birds Of A Feather…

Birds Of A Feather...

A pale spiderhunter prepares to cool off in the bird bath.

I love birds, no doubt about it. But tonight, there’s that noisy one again… it’s been two weeks. I know what it is, and it’s been hard to catch with my lens… it’s… my goodness… I wish it flies away. It’s past 2 a.m., and sleep is nowhere in sight.

Anyway, the bird in this photo is a Philippine endemic Palawan restricted pale spiderhunter that’s on every birder’s “top birding list” after being separated  from the group of little spiderhunters. The pale spiderhunter, avian experts say, is “of a different species” since “it behaves like a sunbird, but bigger.”

While to some it is hard to find, to me, it only needs a visit to Cynthia Sumagaysay del Rosario’s home somewhere in Sta. Monica. It’s not really that hard to get up close and personal with this bird because everyday, it lands on the bird baths that she has in her home beautiful home.


Summer Time & The Living is Easy…

Summer Time & The Living is Easy...

Sultry opportunity found along the coast of Berong, Quezon, Palawan.

It’s not summer yet, but… but… but… we’re getting there 🙂 I can’t wait for summer! I badly need it to be summer! Summer is the perfect excuse to look for relaxation. To not have any modicum of care to travel, to not think about deadliest deadlines and other things that give pressure. To just sit by the sea and watch while it gently laps the shore.., summer!

I feel like such a loser today!


Little Berong Girl

Little Berong Girl

Photo of a little girl in Berong, Quezon, Palawan, Philippines with her umbrella. Berong is a barangay, where most residents are indigenous peoples (IPs) referred to as Pala’wans.

The Pala’wan, also known as Palawano (or Palawan, depending on sub-dialect) or Palawano (only by outsiders), is one of the unique indigenous peoples of Palawan. They are part of the large Manobo-based linguistic groups of southern Philippines. They traditionally hunt using soars and bamboo blowguns. (from

I’m blogging again after taking down the last one also here at  🙂 I’ve actually decided against blogging again, but the photos I have — they’re very inspiring; and I want to showcase the beauty of Puerto Princesa and Palawan.